Invacare microAIR MA500 Alternating Pressure Mattress


In the world of hospital beds, Invacare has a lightweight, microAIR mattress that DrMet gives five stars. This alternative-pressure hospital mattress helps with the prevention and treatment of pressure injuries. This would make an amazing addition to your hospital and here is why:

  • It features a pressure cycle that alternates 2 in 1 that ensures protection from low to medium risk
  • This innovative design of cell in cell prevents bottoming out in case of power failure
  • A natural heel slope design decreased any vulnerable heels
  • Cells are made of soft nylon urethane and provide easy cleaning and minimize bacterial growth
  • A designer top cover made of oversized pliable nylon that is quilted and highly vapor-permeable that provides moisture protection and helps patients be friction-free
  • The dimensions are 36″ wide and 8″ high
  • The pump flow rate is 5 LPM
  • The therapy type is alternative pressure with low air loss
  • This hospital mattress has a weight capacity of 350lbs.






Additional information

Weight 34 lbs
Dimensions 80 × 36 × 8 in

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